Katharina Barth born in 1995 is a fine artist from Hamburg, Germany.

She graduated from DLD college London in 2012 in Fine art and Photography and kept on practicing her skills in painting  and is currently working towards a BA in Painting in Central London. 

The main inspiration behind her artwork comes from within. As a passionate animal lover and horse rider this is resembled in her work which is mostly animal related. 

Other works include hand-painted finishes in various effects on skate boards, and other sculptural objects. After having gained skills in welding, woodwork, ceramics and professional finishes, another take on her vision is to be revealed as a new style of work in the future.

She recently started working on photography to get a more in-depth insight and relation to the subjects painted by her and in order to create the own reference photography for upcoming work. 

Current projects include the Pitt Rivers and the Silver tooth collection from 2018/2019, some of which has been recently exhibited at the London Met. 

Upcoming exhibitions include a show later on in 2019 in Hamburg,Germany and London, UK.

Details to be announced. 

She currently lives and works from London, UK.