Katharina Barth

Born 1995 in Hamburg, Germany, living and working in London.

Currently studying towards a BA painting at London Metropolitan University (2020)

Graduated in Art, Photography, German and business in 2012 from Davies Laing and Dickens College London.

Solo exhibitions include:

Deichtorhallen 2009 (hamburg) 

Zeisehallen 2010 (hamburg)

Group exhibitions at the London Met Uni 2018/2019 (London)


World Press News:


Featured in Out of step Books Black and White volume One.

Featured in World Wide Ink Mag May 2019

Featured in 'My Modern Met' 8th January 2020 - Artist creates poetic oil paintings to pay homage to prehistoric animals (https://mymodernmet.com/katharina-barth-paintings/) 

Featured in 'playjunkie online magazine Jan 13th 2020 - German artist creates stunning paintings of prehistoric Animals. 

( https://playjunkie.com/german-artist-creates-stunning-paintings-of-prehistoric-extinct-animals/ )

Online feature in Thalmaray ( Neatherlands ) 

(https://thalmaray.co/katharina-barth-jurrasic-art-ode-aan-dinosauriers/ )

Article by Daniel Swanick Art Director 

(https://danielswanick.com/katharina-barth-prehistoric-animals/ )